While the M-series BMW cars are in a league of their own in terms of performance, looks, and sadly for most of us, price, there are ways to make your BMW-built car sportier. That includes enabling sport-themed displays on the dashboard, as well as other motorsport-oriented details inside the car.
At first glance, it sounds like you might have to do coding to enable these displays or make irreversible changes. However, with OBDeleven One-Click Apps, which are pre-made coding functions developed and tested by the development team working in-house with the intelligent automotive device.
Enabling sport displays on BMW 
Using OBDeleven to enable the sport displays is a very simple process. Before activating these displays, though, you will have to know which infotainment system your car rolled out of the factory, namely whether it is the Car Information Computer (CIC), Next Big Thing (NBT), or the NBT EVO.
To do so, one could simply look at the year of manufacture of their vehicle – which you can find on the OBDeleven application or the year range – as the CIC was put into cars from 2008 until between 2012 and 2013 when the NBT took over as the primary infotainment system. The NBT EVO, meanwhile, has been present on many models starting from late-2014 to the last few years of the same decade once BMW began to switch to the G-series models.
Once you have figured that out, you can activate the Sport Displays for your navigational system (CIC, NBT, or NBT EVO) by simply doing these steps:
– Plug in the OBDeleven device into the OBD-II port;
– Connect to the device via Bluetooth on your smartphone;
– Once your phone recognizes the car it has connected to, navigate to Apps;
– Find the One-Click App called Sport Displays (for your infotainment system)
– Activate it and enjoy your Sport Displays!
If you are wondering what changes following the activation of the pre-made coding function, your dashboard screen will showcase the live data of your power (in kilowatts (kW) and torque (in newton-meters (Nm) as you drive along the road or if you have taken your car to a track day.
M-themed startup and sport display color 
In addition to the activation of the Sport Displays, you can also make your car sportier with other interior details.
For one, you can change the startup animation of your iDrive system – which differs between the CIC, NBT, and NBT EVO systems – and make it into an M-themed one. Much like with the previously denoted procedure, you will just have to pick out the One-Click App for your navigational screen. For the NBT system, for example, you just pick the pre-made coding function and your desired startup animation, which includes an M-themed or Alpine-themed one, among other options.
Secondly, you can also change the color of the Sport Displays to match the one of the M division within BMW, by going through the same procedure. The main difference, naturally, is that you will choose the Sport Displays Color One-Click App, which will let you choose between the default and M-style colors when showcasing the power and torque on the screen.