Undoubtedly, BMW is one of the most exceptional vehicles on the road. Barring supercars from this conversation, the Bavaria-based automaker’s products have been the beau ideal of the automotive world, as cars that roll out of the factory with the four colored quadrants set the bar for the rest of the industry, for the better or for worse sometimes.
If you, however, want to make your BMW even more exceptional, one of the easiest ways to do so is to change the appearance and behavior of your lights. While it might sound that you will need to physically change out parts or manually code the software on your vehicle, OBDeleven’s pre-made coding functions called One-Click Apps will take the appearance of your BMW to the next level with just a few simple steps.
To make any of the following changes the process will be simple. You will only have to plug the OBDeleven device into the car’s OBD-II port, use your smartphone to connect to the device via Bluetooth, navigate to the Apps section, and choose your desired One-Click App.s that car manufacturers, such as BMW, have always looked to streamline their production processes and reduce costs to be more efficient. That means that even if the most well-equipped 3-series BMW and the least-equipped car of the same series roll out of an equivalent assembly line, the differences between their options and equipment might be related to the software rather than the hardware of the car.
1. Cornering lights via Fogs (lights)
This pre-made coding function will allow you to enable or disable the hidden feature of having the fog lights act as cornering lights whenever you turn the steering wheel. The only requirement for the One-Click App is to have fog lights installed on your car. Be mindful that the feature will only work when it is dark outside and the light switch is set to the AUTO position.
2. Side Marker Lights and Side Marker Light Brightness
These two One-Click Apps can be interlinked for some cars, as Side Market Lights are not enabled by default in BMWs destined for some regions. For example, in the United States, the feature comes as standard, while in Europe, they are not turned on as the car leaves a factory.
Thus, while on US-destined BMWs you can only adjust the brightness of these lights, on European cars – to continue the exemplary difference – you will have to enable Side Marker Lights first to adjust the brightness. Nevertheless, whether you drive a US or European BMW, any adjustments to the Side Marker Lights and their brightness will improve the look and uniqueness of your car.
3. Door handle lights with Reverse
Death, taxes, and not enjoying parking our cars in reverse are some things that unite most of us. Parking at night is even more difficult, as the reduced visibility, especially in tight spaces, can result in unwanted scratches on the body or the wheels of your prized possession.
With this hidden feature, the door handle lights are activated as soon as you put your car in reverse, providing you with additional visibility near the wheels, doors, and side sills of your BMW. Naturally, your vehicle has to come with door handle lights – light package S563A – for this One-Click App to work.
4. Scandinavian Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
While the US has Side Marker Lights, the Scandinavian region has its own set of Daytime Running Lights (DRL) known as, well, Scandinavian DRLs.
The difference between regular DRLs and the version that is called in the honor of a northern region of Europe is that the former turns on the taillights and the DRLs simultaneously. As a result, your rear lights will look beefier and more aggressive when you drive.
5. Welcome lights only when it’s dark
The welcome lights feature has been a welcome addition to the general automotive industry, especially if you come home late at night and you need that extra visibility to see where you are going.
At the same time, they reduce the lifetime of your lightbulbs, requiring you to replace them more often if the feature is disabled. While there is a One-Click App to disable Welcome Lights, you can also use a pre-made coding function for them to come on only when it is dark, namely, a One-Click App called WL only when Dark.
For this feature to work, your car has to have a rain/light sensor on the windshield and understandably, the Welcome Lights feature must also be enabled. Additionally, the light switch must be on AUTO or in the low-beam position for the function to work properly whenever you turn off your engine and lock your car.